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Johann Christoph Müller (1673-1721)


„Mappa geographica regni Bohemiae in duodecim circulos divisae cum comitatu Glacensi et districtu Egerano adiunctis circumiacentium regionum partibus conterminis ex accurata totius regni perlustratione et geometrica dimensione omnibus, ut par est, numeris absoluta et ad usum commodum nec non omnia et singula distinctius cognospenda XXV sectionibus exhibita a Joh. Christoph Muller, S.C.M. capitan.et ingen A.C.MDCCXX“. 25 sections, each of 9 parts, copper engravings on paper, mounted on canvas, allowing storage to book format 12 °. In two original cardboard boxes with gold printed labels, first with maps of section 1-12, second with maps of section 13-25. The main country roads are marked in red. 25 sections can be assembled into a rectangle whose dimensions are 2822x2403 mm, individual sections have with dimensions 557x473 mm; the combining of the 25 sections creates the largest historical map of Bohemia. The scale is 1:132,000. The corners are decorated with engravings that were designed by the Czech painter Václav Vavřinec Reiner. The other decoration was created by the Augsburg engraver Jan Daniel Herz. Thanks to Reiner`s work, Müller`s map is one of the most artistically decorated maps of the 18th century. An important part of the map is the division of the country into 12 regions, which were first introduced in 1714. Condition A.
In the pictorial part of section 1 on the left arm of St. Wenceslas minor damage - torn part of the print about 10x15 mm. In section 23 a rusty spot of a similar size. Slightly toned paper, few rusty tiny spots. Otherwise in perfect condition without damage.

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