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Auction announcement

on holding of the public Auction, in the sense of Law no. 26/2000 Coll.


I. Auctioneer

Aukční dům Zezula s.r.o., ICO: 01399969, conducts the public Auction at the request of the owners of the objects. This Auction will be held in the Auction house Zezula, 142c Hlinky Street, Brno, Czech Republic.


II. Auctioned items

Each item (or group of items) obtains its number according to the catalogue along with the description and the opening bid. All items may be examined during the exhibition in the Auction House Zezula. On the day of auction the items are not exhibited.

All information in the catalogue is based on scientific knowledge published or otherwise available before the date of auction. Information in the printed catalogue may be updated on the internet page of the catalogue. The Auction House Zezula retains the right to correct any information about the auctioned items published in the catalogue. Any corrections will be visibly placed in the auction venue and verbally announced by the auctioneer before auctioning of the relevant item.

Items listed in the catalogue with the * symbol have been declared cultural monuments by the state and are subject to the Law no. 20/1987 Coll. about the state care of historical monuments as amended by the subsequent Law no. 242/1992 Coll., no. 361/1999 Coll., no. 122/2000 Coll., no. 132/2000 Coll., no. 146/2001 Coll. and no. 320/2002 Coll.


III. Course of the auction

Before the beginning of the auction the bidder is required to fill out the Participant Identification Form on the base of which he obtains the auction number. This procedure is free of charge.

The auctioneer announces the serial number of the item, its brief description and opening bid. After this calling the bidders, i.e. the owners of the auction number, can bid up with the raising of the auction number. The auction of the item continues until no further bids are made.


The increments (in CZK) The immediate bid (in CZK)
100 < 2 000
200 > 2 000 < 4 000
500 > 4 000 < 10 000
1 000 > 10 000 < 30 000
2 000 > 30 000 < 60 000
5 000 > 60 000 < 100 000
10 000 > 100 000 < 500 000
50 000 > 500 000

The sequence of increments is settled by the Auctioneer. The bidders in the auction hall take precedence. At the coincidence of the same written limits the sequence is settled by the Auctioneer.


IV. Successful bidder's obligations

The successful bidder must complete his obligation within 10 days after the holding of the auction. The price attained in the auction hall will be increased by an 22 % commission including VAT.

Every person concerned is obliged to see the items of his concern beforehand during the exhibition, eventually have the item inspected by an external expert. Objections to the auctioned items concerning the price, condition or state of the items are not accepted after the auction has concluded.


V. Bidding in absentia

After preliminary agreement the bidder may bid for any item in his absence:

The auction limits for bidding by phone are accepted for items with an opening bid of CZK 1000 or higher. The Auction House Zezula is not responsible for any connection failure due to telecommunications or inaccessibility of the called party.

The Power of Attorney form for sending price limits or requisitions for phone bidding may be found in PDF format on internet pages (www.papilio.cz/en/page/show/power-of-attorney) or it may be sent on request.

The written, faxed or e-mailed price limits will be accepted till the end of the exhibition. The auction limits sent after the deadline will be accepted only if possible and without guarantee. No regard will be paid to the limits sent after the auction commencement.

Bidder bidding in their absence through the bidding limits will be informed about the auction's results in writing. Complete result list of the auction will be published at the internet address www.papilio.cz the next following business day after the end of the auction.


VI. Payment for the item

The bidders can make he payment by cash, credit card or bank transfer within fixed course of time, cheques are not accepted. In case of bank transfer payment all charges connected with the procedure are chargeable to the buyer.


VII. Collection, Shipping, Storage

Items can be paid and collected at the auction house during the course of the auction and after it. Items may be also paid and collected within the next 5 working days after the auction from 10.00 to 17.00 (CET) at the Auction house Zezula, Hlinky 142c, phone (+420) 543 215 704, where all administration will be done. Individual collection of items outside official opening hours is possible after a preliminary agreement.

The buyer is entitled for collection of the goods after complete payment of the invoice.

On request, the Auction House can arrange packing and shipping at the buyer’s own cost. For shipment where export documents are needed at customs, according to Law no. 71/1994 on the sale and export of objects of cultural value, as amended,we will charge the buyer a fee for the preparation of such a document.

The Auction House will charge a storage fee of 1 € per day and item for objects not collected after 30 workdays from the date of the invoice.

Auction sale and after sale are carried out in accordance with the Auction announcement.

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