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To participate in hall and online auctions of our auction house, you need to have a registered and verified account. Bidding immediately after registration vary depending on the type of auction:

Fill in the data truthfully in addition to contacting you, it servers as a basis for customer verification. If in doubt about the accuracy of your data, our employees will try to contact you by e-mail or telephone. For faster verification of your identity, please upload a photo of your ID or passport. You will not be allowed to participate in any auctions without providing these details!

Personal info
For contacting you in various cases related to auction(s).
Please enter your personal address, this address will be considered your contact address unless you provide a different mailing address below.
Identity verification

You will need to upload your ID card or passport to verify your identity.You can upload up to 2 files in JPG, PNG or PDF format.
You will not be able to bid without identity verification. If you do not want to upload it here, please deliver a copy immediately through another channel.

Company info

Complete only if this profile represents a business company.

Enter the address of the company’s registered office, including country and postcode.
Log-in credentials
Contact details & correspondence
Fill in only if different from your personal address. Enter including country and postcode.