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Necklace from irregular polished gems of different shapes, screw clasp, length about 60 cm. - Necklace from small lathed ivory beads, including a screw clasp and pendant in the shape of a rose blossom, length about 40 cm. - Torso of a necklace from black, glass, faceted beads, length abut 45 cm. - Necklace formed from 5 threads of small balls of silver and golden color, corroded, length about 40 cm. - Two chains from base metal, length about 54 cm and 96 cm. Chain for glasses including rubber fixtures, overall length 68 cm. Bracelet segmented by filigree, white metal, length 16 cm. - Collection of 9 bijou brooches from base metal, plastic, leather, mother of pearl, glass, small pearls enamel, dried cudweed..., length max. 6,5 cm. - Wooden lathed and varnished case for a perfume in the shape of a chess piece, height 5 cm. - Mother of pearl pendant in the shape of a drop, length 4,5 cm. - Pendant cross, base metal, wood, length 4cm. - 2 torsos of bracelets from a white metal with relief decor, length 16,5 cm. - Three pendants. - Collection of 5 pairs (and 3 single) shirt studs: base metal, mother of pearl, enamel. - Key-chain pendant in the shape of a ball, plastic, base metal, length 7,5 cm. - Pendant missionary cross, wood, mother of pearl, base metal, length 12 cm. - Medal „PAULUS VI. PONTIFEX MAXIMUS, ANNO SANTO 1975“, base metal, Ø 3,5 cm. Brooch with a hunting motif, base metal, length 4 cm. Condition A-C.

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