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Round silver brooch, Ø 3,2 cm, Czechoslovakian hallmark S-48, Ag 800/1000. - Silver pocket watch ("jeptišky") with a painted clock face, Ø 3,2 cm, Austrian-Hungarian hallmark for foreign goods S-35 (from 1902). - Pendant from white metal with blue glass, length 4,5 cm, mark unreadable. - Pendant with floral forms, white metal with ivory cabochon, marked "800". - bracelet from subtle filigree elements of white metal, length 19 cm, insert clasp, marked "800". - Oval brooch with a mosaic from aragonite, base metal, rim of purple stones, length 5 cm. - Tie clasp from yellow metal with a blackened initial, length 4,5 cm, marked "HICKOK USA". - Ivory pendant in the shape of a rose blossom, length 4,3 cm including the loop. Condition A-B.

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