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Hippokratés z Kósu (-460--377)

Anutius Foesius


Geneva 1657
Book format 2°, 46 p. + 1344 p. + 54 p., in Latin and Greek. Front page with copperplate print, missing frontispiece. Bilingual edition of medical writings attributed to Hippocrates. Hard dark leather binding, scratched, spine with five raised bands, otherwise in good condition. "Magni Hippocratis Medicorum omnium facile principis, opera omnia quae extant: In VIII. Sectiones ex Erotiani mente distributa. Nunc denuo Latina interpretatione Anutio Foesio Mediomatrico Medico Authore. (...) Genevae, Typis & Sumptibus Samuelis Chouet. MDCLVII.".

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