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Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777)


Lausanne 1768
Book format 4°, 388 p., in Latin. Leather binding slightly scratched and affected by insects, spine with five raised bands decorated with gilding, red edge, color end sheets, text block in excellent condition, few spots. Title page in red and black. Copperplate illustrations – 7 full-page, 9 folding. „Alberti V. Haller Domini In Guomoens Le Jux, Et Feudi In Ecclagnes. Praesidis Societatis Reg. Scient. Götting. Sodalis Acad. Reg. Scient. Paris. Reg. Chir. Gall. Imper. Berolin. Suecic. Bononiens. Bavar. Societ. Scient. Britann. Upsal. Bot. Flor. Helvet. Batavic. Oeconom. Bernens. Et Hujus Praesides. In Senatu Supremo Bernensi Ducentumviri. Operum Anatomici Argumenti Minorum. Tomus Tertius, Accedunt Opuscula Pathologica Aucta Et Recensa Tomus Tertius, Accedunt Opuscula Pathologica Aucta Et Recensa“. Lausannae 1768, suptibus Francisci Grasset [et] Socior.

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