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England, Stoke-on-Trent, Tunstall, Booths (ca 1891-1948), after 1906
Set of dishes of soft stoneware, relief handles, creamy glazed, color pressed classicist décor of garlands with bows and wreaths, gilded staffage. 2 small and 2 big tureens with covers (small with spoons and saucers), 6 oval trays, 22 plates, 12 dessert plates. Tureens Ø 20 cm and 12 cm, plates Ø 26,5 cm, 19 cm and 17 cm, trays 26,5x21 cm (2x), 30x24 cm, 37x26,5 cm, 41,5x33 cm and 46x37 cm. Color pressed company marks on the glaze: "Booths Silicon China England". Condition A-B.

This auction item was auctioned before more than year and is not relevant anymore.
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