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Josef Čapek (1887-1945)


Czechoslovakia, Prague, Státní nakladatelství, department Komenium, 1949
Offset print, similar dimensions ca 260x310 cm, sheets 350x500 mm. Set of 12 loose sheets (cardboard) with color offset prints of works by Josef Čapek from 1928-1935, with descriptions on the reverse, in an original paper case. No. 1. On the path. No. 2. Pond. No. 3. We play with Marbles. No. 4. On a log. No. 5. At our cottage. No. 6. In the water. No. 7. Fly, ball. No. 8. Apple. No. 9. Leaves fall. No. 10. Last time with the dragon. No. 11. On ice. No. 12. Snowman. Approved by Decree of the Ministry of Education, Science and Art from 25th of May, 1949, No. 57.277/49-I/1, in the first edition as a teaching aid for kindergartens and national schools. Issued by Státní nakladatelství, department Komenium in Prague 7. Printed by Grafické závody Bayer, national company in Kolín. Torn cover, otherwise in a good condition.

This auction item was auctioned before more than year and is not relevant anymore.
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