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Aloysius Bertrand (1807-1841)


Book format 12°, 191 p., in Czech. Loose sheets in a paper cover. In an excellent condition. Paper cover slightly affected by age. Title page printed in black and blue. With 8 signed etchings by Václav Zykmund. "Aloysius Bertrand Kašpar noci Brno MCMXLVII Edice Atlantis". Translated by Josef Heyduk, edited by Antonín Jero. Issued in 1947 by Jan V. Pojer in Brno in 1500 copies, 400 of them are numbered, this copy has number 16. Printed in Rovnost in Brno. A collection of classical French poems.

Starting price: 1.900 CZK / 71 EUR
Hammer price: 1.900 CZK / 73 EUR

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