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Jan II. Brueghel (1601-1678)


1620`s - 1630`s
Oil on wooden panel, 73,5x104,5 cm. Framed, glazed. Examined by Dr. Klaus Ertz, a German art historian who specializes in the Brueghel family and their art workshop. From the expert opinion by Dr. Klaus Ertz in German: „[...] Um ein sehr qualitätsvolles Original des flämischen Malers Jan BRUEGHEL d. J. handelt. Die Figuren sind meiner Meinung nach von der Hand des Jan BOECKHORST gemalt [...]“. In English: „[...] This is a very high quality original by Jan Brueghel the Younger. In my opinion, the figures are painted by Jan Boeckehorst[...]“. This Baroque painting is a work by Jan Brueghel II. and Jan Boeckehorst. The popular mythological theme of sleeping Diana, the goddess of hunting, was previously repeatedly painted by Jan Brueghel the Elder together with Peter Paul Rubens. Brueghel the Younger, who drew inspiration from his father`s work throughout his artistic career, depicted in this painting hunting dogs and also a remarkable landscape. Boeckehorst, on the other hand, comes from the circle of Rubens. His work was also influenced by other Flemish painters, such as Antony van Dyck and Jakob Jordaens. In the work we can see Bockehorst`s typical painting style, in an elaborate depiction of figures, sleeping nymphs and a cherub, who are watched by the satyrs behind trees. Provenance: The painting comes from an important private collection in Brno. Very similar variations of the motif by these painters have appeared several times on the art market and in the world`s private collections. Compare with Lit.: Klaus Ertz: Jan Brueghel Der Jüngere Band 1, Luca Verlag, Freren, 1984, no. 242, p. 404. Auctions: Sotheby`s, New York City, 1988-06-03, lot no. 108, afb. Kleurenreproductie, Stockholms Stads. Auktionsverk (Stockholm) 2000-05-16 - 2000-05-17, afb. kleurenreproductie, lotnr. 1434. Christie`s (New York City) 1990-05-31, afb. kleurenreproductie, lot no. 11. Private collections: Private collection Max Geldner, Basel (Switzerland) art dealer Silvano Lodi, Kunsthandel K. & V. Waterman, Amsterdam. Jan Brueghel (II): Greek mythology [online]. https://rkd.nl/en/explore/images#filters[kunstenaar]=Breughel%2C%20Jan%20(II)&filters[RKD_algemene_trefwoorden][]=Greek%20mythology&start=0. Condition restored.

This auction item was auctioned before more than year and is not relevant anymore.
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