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HISTORIA DE BELLO SACRO: PRO LIBERANDA TERRA SANCTA, IN COMPENDIUM REDUCTA. Maxmilian Větrovský (1660-1757). Book format 16°, 329 p., in Latin. Wooden binding with leather cover. Almost no spots from inside. Title page printed in black. „HISTORIA DE RELLO SACRO PRO LIBERANDA TERRA SANCTA IN COMPENDIUM REDUCTA. ET TOMIS TRIBUS COMPREHENSA P. Maximiliano Wietrowski…VETERO PRAGAE Typis Caroli Joannis Hraba. 1724. Written Ex Libris „ Ex Librio Antonii Szieff.“. Issued by Typis Caroli Joannis Hrab in Prague in 1724. History of crusades. Rev. Pat. Thomae Ex Charmes ... Theologia Universa Ad Usum Sacrae Theologiae Candidatorum. Thomas de Charmes. Book format 12°, 429 p. + index, 426 p. + index, in Latin. Two volumes. Paper binding with leather cover, engraved label with title on the spine. Almost no spots from inside. Title page printed in black. „Rev. Pat THOMAE ex CHARMES…THEOLOGIA UNIVERSA AD USUM THEOLOGIAE CANDIDATORUM…AUGUSTAE VINDELICORUM. Sumptibus MATTHAEI RIEGER, Piblioopolae. MDCCLXV.“ Issued by Mattheaei Rieger in Augsburg in 1765. Güldenes Tugend-Buch. Book format 16°, 774 p. in German. Paper binding with parchment cover. Almost no spots from inside. Copperplate illustration. Title page printed in black. „Güldenes TUGEND-BUCH das ist Werck und Übung der dreyen Göttlichen Tugenden dek Glaubens, Hoffnung und Liebe…In verlag Wilhelm Friessems…1649“. Issued by Wilhelm Friess in 1649.

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