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Universal Historie. Anselm Desing. Book format 16°, 505 p., in German. Paper binding with leather cover. Engraved label with title on the spine. Cover affected by insects. Almost no spots from inside. Title page printed in black. „Kürtziste UNIVERSAL-HISTORIE nach der GEOGRAPHIA Auf der Land-Karte…Geschriben von P. ANSELMO DESIGN…In Verlag Martin Veith..1736.“ 16 attachments. Issued by Martin Veith in 1736. Geographical book. C. Plinii Caecilii Secundi Panegyricus. Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus. Book format 16°, 391 p., in German and Latin. Paper binding with parchment cover. Spots on cover. Some spots and traces from insects from inside. First two pages are loose. Title page printed in black, copperplate illustration. „C. Plinii Caecilii Secundi Panegyricus, das ist, Plinii Danck- und Lob-Rede, welche er dem Kayser Traiano zu Ehren gehalten hat. Diese giebt ... heraus m. Caspar Gottschling… im Magdeburgischen 1739“. Issued in Magdeburg in 1739. Summulae. CorbinianKhamm. Book format 12°, 826 p., in Latin. Wooden binding with parchment cover, blindstamp decor and 2 buckles. Title page with written Ex Libris. Title page printed in black. „Summulae logices, praecipuis summulistarum controversiis locupletate, nec non philosophiae Tyronibus in prima disputatione concertantibus accomodatae, operâ & studio p. Corbiniani Khamm…AUGUSTAE VINDELICORUM…MDCXCVIII“. Issued by Johann Caspar Brandan, bibliopegum & civem Augustanum in Augsburg in 1698. Philosophical book.

This auction item was auctioned before more than year and is not relevant anymore.
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