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Josef Bartuška (1898-1963)


1933 - 1935
Three vintage gelatin silver prints on glossy paper, contact prints mounted on paper. 40x30 mm (2x) and 55x40 mm, mount 240x164 mm. Name, date and other annotations in pencil on the verso. The original photo-collages by Josef Bartuška appear on the market very rarely. They represent the work by an avant-garde group Linie from České Budějovice, respectively its photographic sections Fotolinie. This group contributed to the second avant-garde of the 1930`s mostly with the work by Josef Bartuska and Karel Valter. Bartuška was inspired by the motion picture and cinematography, which is visible in some photo-collages, where he put contact prints side by side and and tried to find a dialogue between them. The group Linie together with the group F5 from Brno is one of the most significant groups of the 1930`s in Czechoslovakia and its work represents an equal partner of the photographic avant-garde of the rest of Europe. Lit.: Jaroslav Anděl, Avantgarda o mnoha médiích: Josef Bartuška a skupina Linie 1931-1939, Prague 2004. Condition A/B.

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