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Nicolaes Jansz Visscher (1649-1702)

Pieter Schenk (1698-1775)


18th century
Colored copperplate on paper,470x565 mm. Decorative cartouche with allegorical figures and inscription upper left "Nassovia Principatus Cum omnibus ei pertinentibus Comitatibus Dominiis, ac Praefecturis, ut et confiniis intra Lahnum, Rhenum et Moenum Flumina, ad situm verum exacte delineatus / â Joh. Jac. Stetter U. J. L. Indstenio-Nassovio Excudit N. J. C. Wissciceri Vigua Amstelodami Nunc apud Petrum Schenk Iunior", legend and scale lower right, coordinates in the map. Issued by Petr Schenk Iunior in Amsterdam (between 1718 and 1770).

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